Tuesday, May 10, 2011

0.9.3 - a bugfix

 - HTML tags in gas station names has been fixed.
 - Parsing of gas stations has been improved. More stations are avalable now.


  1. Do you need help for supportin location API? Open source code could also be nice.

  2. Not at the moment. Currently the main problem is getting data, not locating API. I have also a time shortage, but I hope I will make a new version in a week:) Open source code is good option to improve the app, but first I would like to finish the app by myself.

  3. Alright, good luck with your development. Please get in touch if you need help. This software would be immensely useful if it could use current location for criterion of search.

  4. Could you make nice UI to gasoid? Now the app is useful but ugly :P
    Plz translate app to finnish!